I want to welcome everyone, and I hope you are having fun, let's take the server far together!

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on Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:29 am

Executive Administrators

  • Owner: Andy
  • Co-Owner: Robert[Director of Administrative Panel]
  • Community Manager/ Script Incharge : Carlos[Head of Server Management, Scripter/Mapper Incharge]
  • Executive Panel / Scripter and Mapper : Andrew[Executive Office, Assistantace in Scripting/Mapping]

Lead Admin:

  • Vacant

Head Admin:

  • Derrick Banks [ Director of Game Affairs/ Head Department of Community Advisors]

Senior Admin

  • Vacant

General Admin

  • Vacant

Junior Admin

  • Vacant


  • Vacant

Departments Head

  • Director of Admin Personal : Executive Staff

  • Director of Game Affairs : Ragnorak / Derrick Banks

  • Director of Complaint Moderator / Banned Appeal  : Vacant
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